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Arbor Day 2015

   The Chatham Board of Selectmen proclaimed Chatham's Arbor Day as April 24, 2015.  Friends of Trees gifted a shade tree to the town that will be planted in Kate Gould Park to replace one of several trees that have succumbed to storms or age.  We also announced our first Grant Program. The purpose is to support teachers and non-profit organizations interested in undertaking educational efforts related to the science and value of trees and other project consistent with Friends of Trees’ mission.

Arbor Day 2014

   The Chatham Board of Selectmen proclaimed Chatham's Arbor Day as April 12, 2014.  Friends of Trees sponsored a free lecture by Plantsman Tim Boland, Executive Director of the Polly Hill Arboretum. His topic was entitled "Trees are the Answer" which addressed the challenges and opportunities that exist within the magnificent green world of trees.  Attendees received a white oak seedling ready for planting.

Arbor Day 2013

   The Chatham Board of Selectmen proclaimed Chatham's Arbor Day as April 27, 2013.  Friends of Trees gifted a large red maple tree to the town in commemoration of Chatham’s Tercentennial. The red maple (Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’), planted in Kate Gould Park, is a beautiful shade tree with glistening dark green leaves in spring and summer, turning radiant red in late fall. We also organized a clean-up of the park to remove trash, debris and invasive plants from an over-grown area behind the Band Stand.   We continue to work with the town to keep the park, a jewell in downtown, well vegetated and looking beautiful.

Arbor Day 2012

   The Chatham Board of Selectmen proclaimed Chatham's first Arbor Day as April 27, 2012. The Arbor Day program focused on Chatham's Elementary and Middle School students. A week of activities took place, beginning with a reading of Dr. Seuss' book "The Lorax", to the student body. Over the following days students paraticipated in educational and fun activities focused on tree basics and the importance of trees to our lives and our environment.   Each student was given a bare root small native Eastern Red Cedar or Northern Red Oak.