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"Look deep, deep, deep into nature and then you will understand everything"

Friends of Trees is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical aspects of Chatham by planting and maintaining trees and through grants to local non-profits that share our mission. Friends of Trees also endeavors to educate the public to the important role trees play in Chatham's environment.

Trees, Glorious Trees! 

Eldredge Public Library Learning Series

1:30 - 3:00 Tuesdays Beginning May 23rd

During the first 2 sessions (May 23rd and May 30th) we’ll help you develop a greater appreciation for trees in general and for the important trees in Chatham. We’ll also cover the benefits trees bring to our community, practical tips for selecting the right tree, and tree care. These classes will be led by Friends of Trees Board Members Peg Black and Oonie Burley, both certified landscape designers, and by Kristin Andres, long-serving Conservation Agent for Chatham and now Director of Education and Outreach with APCC.

The 3rd session on June 6 will be a walking tour of the wonderful trees in Chase Park. The park has a great diverse population of some classic native trees as well as interesting ornamentals. It’s easy to miss them if you don’t look. We’ll take a walk through the park with an arborist to learn how to identify trees by their characteristics and some important facts about the various species. If you bring your smart phone you’ll be able to scan the QR code on 25 of the trees to view information about the specific tree and the species in general.

We hope you will sign up for the course at the Library! Use this link for information on registration:

 Eldredge Public Library is located on Main Street, Chatham, MA