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"Look deep, deep, deep into nature and then you will understand everything"

Friends of Trees is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical aspects of Chatham by planting and maintaining trees and through grants to local non-profits that share our mission. Friends of Trees also endeavors to educate the public to the important role trees play in Chatham's environment.

See Judi Dench's Documentary: My Passion for Trees

Judi Dench is well-known for her stardom on stage and screen. What's not well-known is her passion for trees. She shares this passion in a short documentary where she explores the lives of trees, discovering how they feel, how they communicate, and how they fight off pests and extreme weather.  It’s truly a beautiful and fascinating exploration of the natural world of trees.


How do Trees Mitigate Climate Change?

Click Here to view a short presentation by Friends of Trees that answers that question

Of the many benefits trees provide us, perhaps the most important is the role they play to help stop climate
change.  Their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in their branches and trunks and
surrounding soils, and then release oxygen into the atmosphere is a service we can't live without, literally.